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Winning at 7 Card Stud Poker.

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Learn 7 card stud strategy.

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If you've never played stud poker online, you are missing a growing segment in the online poker industry, that can not only expand your poker repertoire, but can also do some good things for your poker bankroll as well. The main reason for that, is that a lot of people do not know a lot of things about seven card stud. New players just jump right in thinking they can quickly pick up the game and be winners, only because they understand how to play Texas hold'em or Omaha poker right now.

Marty Smith is an online poker player and instructor. Since 2005 he has been making training videos for new players to the game of poker. You can see many of his entertaining and education poker videos on his youtube channel at .

7 card stud poker strategy online

7 Card Stud poker online.

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Stud poker is the oldest of all current poker games and dates back nearly 200 years to the American old west, played by miners, farmers and river boat gamblers. In fact as recently as 10 years ago, stud, or some version of it was still the game of choice for home and casino games.

Early in the 1970’s, things started to change when Benny Binion created the annual World Series of Poker event and declared the main event game would be Texas hold’em.  When Chris Moneymaker, an internet amateur, won that very tournament in 2003, it sealed hold’em as the game to play, and is now more synonymous with the word poker, than any other game.

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Stud, Razz and Stud Hi-Lo Poker Games online. What is the difference?

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Although all of these games are forms of stud poker, each has a significantly different strategy. They all use 7 cards and are dealt in the same streets with identical betting rounds - which are usually limit games.

That's about where the difference ends however. The true version of 7 card stud is rather much straight forward and can be better understood by watching the 7 card stud strategy video series available on this website. You are playing for the best hand in this game. With Razz poker. It's exaclty the opposite. You are playing for the weakest hand - strange but true. You know all those time you were wishing to pair your ace or king? Well in razz, by virtue of Murphy's law that will be happening more poften than you want it to be. Since you still have to be using the 5 lowest cards in your hand, once you start getting pairs, it limits your potential to play lower cards.

The lowest hand in razz stud poker is A, 2, 3, 4, 5 because straights (and flushes) do not count against a low hand. You just want to see a bunch of unpaired low cards coming at you when you play razz. One major point that new players misunderstand about razz is that there is no 8 or better hand qualification in razz. Theoretically you win a razz hand with a full house, but that isn't likely to happen. You just have to have the LOWEST ranked hand of all your competition at showdown.

Now Stud Hi-Low does have the 8 or better qualification, so you can play for both sides of the pot. However, unlike 8 or better Omaha, split pots are slightly less frequent in stud because you are not sharing the board. In other words a player has to have in his own hand, 5 low qualifying cards. In lite of this, it is often a better strategy to be playing for the hi in Stud Hi-Lo, or the NUT low with multiple opponents.



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